Chapter 19: Lower Respiratory (Perfusion)

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CH 19 lower respiratory (perfusion)

1. inflammatory t Infections

PNA - anything can cause it


TB bloody /frothy sputum. night sweats

RIPE drugs tx

covilo -19

Atelactasis-lung collapse dlt:pist-op,immobile, (+) pressure, trauma, drugs

alveoli collapse


Lung absuss mocriken caused by bactena.

Int eru ventions: aminulate-spirometer

If theres a problem T perfusion-more than likely will need IVF but of always.

2. Pleural Disorders


Pleural effusion - Sfluid inside that pleura needs chest tube to drain fiuid in pleural cavity.

empyemn-bunch of Stuff stuckin there lahveolar sacks)

or person will suffocate

cardiac tamponade

interventions: drain our -diurencs /02 I cautious IVF (sbolus)

3. ARDS (worst case scenania) usuallyalways 20 to something else

am upper/lower RR diseases can lead H ARDS. (medical emergency)


check 02. VIS. OL Vla mas K (weakest -high hightnow) mask

morethan likely there's always (ow flow.

culprit: (anviety pna, etc.

always ask -5 who caused this?

4. pulmonary + vascular (willalways be pulmonary (someone/thing ela)

(Flash) pulmonary edema-call code If AS (FLASH)-happens alot af fer or

purmonary HTN - -pulm artenal pressure- IS Ho an pop a lung Catelactasis/ DNA)


there is too much pressure on the arterial side

fx: viagra

pulmonary enboli -0

5. Chest trauma


penetrating (Chest Tube)

airbag atelactasis

Phenmothorax - air

3 things to worry about

hemorreumathorax stabbings.GSW

1. sternal )rib fx's :3/4 rlo PNA needs admit

III go home and

2. flail chesf:flbs are fiel floating



3. Pulm. contusion


Resp. Acid

Resp AIK.


covid 19 (blccant get air In- tachypnea)


pulm edema



I: slow down breathing mask. Nonrebreather

retain (OZ

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